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Music 3

The latest in the ever popular 'Most Wanted' Linedance Collection.


The CD includes 10 of the most popular linedance hits currently being danced on the floor at the moment.

Plus special bonus  - 10 chosen tracks from MAGILL's first ever release

'Rockin' The Country!' which has been completely digitally re-recorded to

celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Most Wanted 10


1. If You're Going Through Hell

2. Everybodys Someone

3. Trashy Women

4. Hungry Eyes

5. Come Rain Come Shine

6. Leaving Of Liverpool

7. Show Me Yours

8. In Your Eyes

9. Holding Back The Ocean

10. Heart Of An Angel

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Price £11.00


1. It's Midnight Cinderella

2. He'll Have To Go

3. Rocky Top

4. Hey Good Lookin'

5. If Tomorrow Never Comes

6. You Are My Sunshine

7. Boot Scootin Boogie

8. Unanswered Prayers

9. I Believe In You

10. The Dance

11. The Gambler

12. Little Bitty

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Price £11.00

New Master MW9 Front

1. Everybody's Gonna Dance Tonight

2. Lemon Tree

3. Ride The River

4. Rack Em Up

5. Pretty In Pink

6. You Set My Heart On Fire

7. An Angel On My Shoulder

8. Don't Walk Away

9. A Cowboy And A Dancer

10. Sea Salt Sally

Price £11.00

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1. Happy For The Rest Of Your Life

2. Sun Goes Down

3. Go With Me

4. You'll Cry For Me

5. San Antone

6. Mercy

7. Special Kind Of Love

8. Let Me Unbreak Your Heart

9. You're Sixteen

10. Talk Dirty To Me

Most Wanted 10 - Tracks

Rockin' The Country - Tracks

1. I Could Never Realise

2. Mother

3. I'm Going Out Tonight

4. Oh Little Lynn

5. Can't You See What Is Happening To Me

6. Reason To Believe

7. Ballad Of Billy Joe

8. Hey Doctor!

9. Rockin' The Country!

10. By My Side

Price £11.00

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